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Dream where I was taking a vacation in Africa with my grandparents. I remember not having a good time at all and being annoyed they were ruining the trip for me, especially since my grandma kept making racist comments and acting like she was going to get robbed at any moment.

We were supposed to walk along the path until we found Griffin, then mom would drive up and we'd go home. Nana kept making annoying comments like "if we even make it that long! We'll probably be dead by nightfall". Along the way there was a girl who was living at this beautiful but somewhat dilapidated mansion. We were all really impressed. She showed it off to all of us.

I then remember going home and ranting to my parents about my trip, and how nana basically ruined it.


Had a dream that was an episode of Seinfeld. George was explaining the difference between a "full-lean" and a "side-lean" to Jerry and Kramer, and they were in a hospital.


In this dream I was on a trip across the US with nana and papa. We went to Wisconsin and were planning on going to Arizona in the motorhome. At one point we were in a restaurant and the waitress was a purple-haired French girl. I remember her constantly playing pranks on us that were extremely annoying to papa. The restaurant was also a hotel we were staying at, but I remember him saying that if their service was like this he didn't want to stay at the hotel. I remember him saying to the waitress something about him not liking how this one town we went to was almost half French people, and he said "I don't have anything against them, I just don't think we could get a real eagle president elected with them all here". By 'eagle' he meant patriotic. She then said she was french and he shut up. I remember being really annoyed with him.

We then went to Arizona in the motorhome, and I remember it being really hot. We stopped at a rest stop and everyone had southern accents, and I remember being somewhat amused by this.

At the end of this dream we were in the motorhome, and I remember it swerving and colliding with another motorhome. I remember it all feeling extremely real and me thinking this wasn't how I wanted to die, that I still had so much more I wanted to do. I was relieved when I woke up.


In this one, I was Annie and talking to Chris. I barely remember any of it, but I remember him looking for sympathy and me asking him "What about Caleb?".


(from my journal) Dream where I went over to this lady's house on a "date". I mostly just used this to mock her. At the end, I gave her a giant pecan pie she could swim in. This made her extremely happy and I was free to go. I was talking to Mossy afterwardsa nd kept accidentally saying fat-shaming things about the woman then apologising and admitting it.

After, there was a point where troll-Mossy and I were in my parents' bedroom and ey kept trying to sneak glances at my dad since ey'd never seen him before.

After I found Mossy sleeping in the same bed as a troll version of my dad who kept cuddling up to em, saying flirty things and winding his tail around em. I remember being disturbed.


I have a lot of dreams I've written out but have been too lazy to post. So here it is, my massive dream post:

cut for lengthCollapse )

god damn these vampires

In this dream I was driving with Nana to Minneapolis, except every time we got there we just went to Galactic Pizza and then went back, because Nana "didn't want to spend the night there". My mom was apparently working at Galactic Pizza, and seemed to be enjoying herself quite a bit there. At one point we were in Sioux City (which was apparently on the way to Minneapolis, even though that makes no sense) and there was a cat that kept running in front of the cars. We were chasing it all around trying to get it safe so it wouldn't die, and I think at one point we rescued it and gave another super-tiny baby cat to it.


Dream started out where I was at a party in Minneapolis(? I think). I remember everything being very computerised looking, and in the club there were large neon signs that "filled" with how much you had drank. I remember making a joke that I was so drunk they were all filled, but I don't remember why that was supposed to be funny. We also went to a restaurant where the Glee cast was singing karaoke, and I remember thinking it was so much better than the concert because Darren Criss was singing directly to me. I remember he was wearing pink pants, and I'm pretty sure he was singing Silly Love Songs, although I could be wrong.

Then it switched to where I was at home, watching TV with dad and a news program was on. There was a guy on it that was apparently a murderer, and they were talking to him. It started out normally, but then it turned black and white and started to have a strange static noise in the background. As it did, we noticed plague doctors and KKK members passing by in the background unnoticed, and were rather weirded out by the whole thing. We started to worry, because the murderer was in our area. Then all of a sudden there was a bang at the door, and I looked out and there was a woman there that was apparently the murderer, and she was screaming at me. Then I "woke up", except I was in the living room. After that, however, I woke up for real.


Had a dream where I was driving in the car with nana and my mom. I remember trying to tell nana that I was trans, but I ended up instead accidentally making her think I was a lesbian. I remember her getting angry about it, until I finally just shouted out "I'M A BOY". She actually seemed more okay with this than me being a lesbian, but she kept insisting on telling papa and my great-aunt Janice. I got really pissed about this, because I knew she would do this and it was why I didn't want to tell her. I remember saying "you can't tell them, they'll tell everyone else and then I could get killed!".


Had a dream where I was talking with Mossy on MSN and ey randomly mentioned having a girlfriend. I remember being really upset about this, but then Mossy backpedaled and said "she isn't my girlfriend, we only went on a couple dates". I remember not believing em.

love, love will tear us apart, again

Had a dream where mom and I went to get a new Sims expansion pack that improved smell. This was interesting because I could actually smell in the dream, which was a first. We were just sort of wandering around the parking lot and smelling random things. I remember this car that was all lit up underneath smelled the best, apparently because of the lights.

Then I had another dream where I was in some sort of bathroom. This guy grabbed ahold of me and rushed me into the men's restroom because apparently that was just how things worked in this restroom. However, I couldn't get the door to close so I just went out anyway. I think there was something about my family traveling and having to sleep in small pod-like places. Not sure why, but I remember going to them several times throughout the dream. There was also something about badly-drawn MLP characters, but I can't remember much about that.


In this dream mom and I were apparently going to Sioux Falls. We stopped somewhere along the way and I remember yelling at random people for no apparent reason, although I excused it with the fact that I was "exhausted". Mom didn't seem to be too phased by this, although she was a tad annoyed. We also stopped somewhere to eat and a lady immediately referred to me as female, and I remember seeing in the window's reflection that I really DID look girly, with a girl's shirt and pretty obvious boobs. I think this was my own impression though, because when I looked at myself later on in the dream I didn't look anything like that. I remember this girl being really ditzy too, calling my mom by the wrong name and getting our order wrong as well (the latter we were really pissed off about).

Then we drove by a building, and some strange guy came out and started making funny faces at me. I remember laughing awkwardly at him, but I was also pretty creeped out. Then as he left we got out of the car and another guy in a ninja suit jumped out of nowhere, and I yelled at him. Then all the other people there came out (because apparently it was a place a bunch of people lived?), and they all told me how I was being rude, and I told them what an awful day I was having and said I'd really like it if they'd leave me alone. They also called me a "bro in a top hat" and complimented my bow tie (which apparently I had in the dream). I then felt bad for being mean, so I decided to spend some time with them.

I remember all of the people there being very nice and friendly, and at one point I went upstairs and the two guys were flirting and kissing. I was surprised there were gay people in Sioux Falls. Then the one guy left, and the other one came over to me and kissed me. I thought it felt good, but I felt guilty because he had a boyfriend so I stopped.

Then he left, and a girl came in the room and she started making out with me as well. I remember being surprised because I wasn't straight, and it was almost like I was watching myself go through the actions. She asked me if I wanted to do it, and I said yes, and the next moment we were on the bed and she was making out with me. I don't think we were actually doing anything, but I remember sort of dry humping and then she told me to pull out (???) because it hurt. She had apparently also peed her pants, and she said that she couldn't cum because she was part turtle. She then walked downstairs and proceeded to show me how her kind was ostracized since there was a turtle skin in the living room. She got really super upset about this.

I then remember leaving, and mom asked why I was in there for so long and I didn't know how to reply. We kept driving and at one point Bo Burnham tweeted me, because apparently I had hacked his account and was using it to tweet, but he didn't mind. He said "so did you also get jumped by that creepy girl" or something to that effect. I knew immediately he was talking about the turtle girl. I remember wondering what I would tell Mossy, but then decided it didn't count since turtle girl didn't come (also, none of our clothes were off, but I didn't seem to take this into account). I remember being annoyed that I lost my virginity to a girl and not a guy.

Mom then said we had spent way too much time in Sioux Falls, so we should just turn back and try again tomorrow to get to Minneapolis. I remember being really pissed about this, so she didn't, but then I ended up not saving our game (because apparently this was a game?) and we ended up back at those people's house after driving for two hours, so we decided to go back anyway. We stopped at those people's house first however, but then I realised that I didn't have much in common with them and it was awkward, so I went back. Mom and I then drove home. When we got there dad asked us why we came back, and we said we got tired of driving and were going to try again tomorrow.
Had a dream where I apparently wrote a short story for the pamphlet of a Creepypasta CD. I remember Mossy asking me why I never told em, and I said that it was because it wasn't good quality. Mossy then read it and everything went dark while the story played in an overhead narration. The story was a journal-style story about a doctor, and it was about how everything we feel is just neurons firing, and everything we think of as our "selves" is just part of our brains, so when we die we cease to exist because we are our bodies. I remember being really weirded out by it, even though in the dream I apparently wrote it.

Then I "woke up", except I was still dreaming. I kept trying to get out of bed, but every time I did I would "restart" and end up going back to where I was, not moving at all. After awhile of this I started to panic, and tried to cry out for my mother, but my voice just came out as a tiny squeak. My ears and the entire side of my head also felt like it was filled with liquid, almost as if I was drowning.

I then started to panic even more and tried to reach for the phone so I could call my parents on the intercom, but every time I tried the dream started over again so that I ended up in my bed once again and never reached for it. Finally I did end up getting hold of the phone, but the person on the other end was speaking German for some reason, so I hung up the phone and tried to grab for my iPod (not sure why I did this). When I managed to turn it on I then realised with a sudden sinking feeling it was a bad idea, and that the iPod was somehow evil. It then said in a creepy, GLADOS-like voice "You fool, he was just trying to help you. Now you're going to die". Then I actually woke up, heart pounding.

out on the edge of glory

Had a dream where I was watching United States of Tara (kinda, in parts I was also Tara). I remember at one point she broke down and became a kitten-alter, and at one point switched to her new alter Bryce.

In one part she was in McKinley (the glee school) but everyone seemed sort of... off, and there were several times when someone she was talking to was in two places. Most of the people seemed really strange and had these really fake, creepy grins, sort of like Stepford Wives. She got the idea something was wrong and walked out, but as she did all the Stepford Smilers fused into her. I told my mom I wasn't really fond of where they were going with the show and I didn't like that they were making it magical rather than psychological.


In this one I got a packer from some random guy on the internet, and I remember feeling awkward because I'd have to hide it from my parents. I ended up putting it in the medicine cabinet (for... some reason?) and then I was out and worrying that my parents would find it. At one point in the dream my mom did find it, but she seemed to be understanding, although I had to explain it quite awkwardly to her that it wasn't a dildo. And then at one point I had a crisis over whether or not to use the men's bathroom.


Had a dream where I was hanging out with Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Apparently they had some kind of magical RV that would automatically teleport you anywhere you wanted to be, but most of the time we were just in various places in New York. Random people, however, would try to intercept it by holding curtains over the window (which was how you "switched" it) and causing us to go to completely random places. I remember Lady Gaga being really nice, although I was annoyed with her for constantly using my birth name.


Had a dream where I was going to Minneapolis to see Glee, but apparently was also in France(?). My mom and I went over this huge, rusty bridge in our car, and I remember panicking because my mom was going really fast and almost going off the bridge, and I told her to slow down. Then the bridge sloped down into some sort of enclosed area with water, sort of like an inside pool. Suddenly we were out of our car for some reason and were in the pool-thing, and talking to some kid who was saying homophobic things, and said he didn't see why we should combat homophobia when racism is still around. And I said "so we can't do two things at once?" and basically just lectured him on it, and didn't notice when he had slipped out of the pool. Then I went to crawl up this small enclosed space (kind of like a slide but not slippery) to talk to him again because I thought he was being rude, but I couldn't because these kids were throwing nails (as in hammer nails) at us. I thought it must be some kind of cultural difference, and I got nails in my foot and felt a brief surge of pain, but not that bad because they were apparently "fake nails".

Somehow I got out, and I remember going with my mom to our hotel, but then figuring out it was actually a restaurant and we went to the wrong place. She got back in the elevator but I wasn't able to, and I remember making a "D8" face at her as it left without me.
Had a dream where I was in California with Nana and Papa. I think I was in San Francisco, and I wanted to go to Los Angeles to go visit Alex (who actually does live in LA), but when we went up to the gates to go take the train to LA, the gates closed on us and it said something about how it was currently under construction. I can't remember much other than that.

Tonight (5/11/11), I had a dream that my dad was a member of the band "fun." and my grandparents and I were travelling and were going to see him perform. I wondered if he was one of the main performers or just a "back-up performer". I think we were travelling and in a different city, because I seemed to be disappointed that we couldn't go downtown and shop and were instead just driving around. I was in the car with papa and told him to not look while I was getting changed, but I ended up deciding not to anyways because I felt self-conscious because I thought the people in the other cars were looking at me, so I waited.

In the next part I was in the motorhome with nana and I wanted to get changed, and I remember being anxious that she would notice I was wearing my binder, but I didn't want to not wear it, especially to a large event in a strange city. I remember going outside to change at first, but Nana said "why don't you just go to the bathroom?" and I laughed at how silly I was and went in, and the changing was actually pretty detailed. I remember worrying about what Nana would say, and I could imagine her asking to see the "bra".

There was also another part where we were in the motorhome and driving through a lake, which apparently had concrete on the bottom so we could stay up. I remember this being very worrisome, and nana and papa complaining about how it was dangerous.

it was a murder but not a crime

Had a dream. At first there was something about a guinea pig that I was smuggling in my shirt? I can't remember much about that, but I remember it was apparently a movie. Then the scene switched and I was actually a new character I had made (even though I made no such character) who was a blind Russian lady. She was at a bar and Mossy's character Celia came in because she was upset that she had broken up with Kristya. I went over to comfort her, but I remember not being able to very well.

Asher also came in at one point. I went over to comfort him and asked him what was wrong, and he said that a "guy he liked" posted a rant on Twitter about something he does. I immediately knew it was Billy he was talking about. And I was like "well, maybe he's not that angry - maybe he just needed to vent". I was saying everything in a Russian accent, and I remember some lady walking by and laughing and asking me to say things again. I felt like some kind of circus animal. I also kept looking at things and then remembering I was blind and stopping. I also remember asking Asher if he liked ponies, and he just kinda laughed and smiled, and I said "everyone likes ponies!".

There was then something with people all taking their clothes and items (which apparently they had taken to the bar?). A guy put something over my DS case and something else I can't remember, but then I told him it was mine and he gave it back. I also remember thinking that I had to go get my My Little Pony toys. Celia was about to go home, though, and I was worried because Asher had already left and I wanted to have someone to walk me home (because of the whole blind thing and all). I made a heart at her, and some loudmouthed guy asked if we were lesbians. I just rolled my eyes, but I thought it might be a good idea to pair up this girl and Cee in my head (I was both myself and her - basically like I was roleplaying her).

So we went and walked home, and this weird guy with frizzy hair joked around, saying he would follow us. At first we just laughed it off because he seemed harmless enough and we thought he would get bored, but then he kept following us and we got sort of uncomfortable. We asked if he would please leave, saying that the joke really wasn't funny any more, but he said "Nope, I'm staying right here". We then started to run because he was making us so uncomfortable, but then he matched our pace and ran as well. We ran even faster, and Cee especially was very worried.

We kept running and eventually the scene changed so that we were in New York. There was a guy in a top hat and I thought how cool it was and how when I wore my top hat out everyone stared, but we were running so I didn't have time to actually comment on it. I kept looking behind me, and we had lost the guy, but Cee was still running. She ran into a restaurant, saying that "a bar is a great place to hide", and I thought how that was odd because this was a restaurant, and a very fancy one as well. They also apparently sold "Caramel Pokemon".
I had a dream that I was watching the royal wedding (yes, really. Don't ask me why). I was in an extremely white room, and apparently the wedding was going on just outside. Before it, though, a Neil Gaiman short story was showing. It was about a guy who had some sort of illness and it was giving him some sort of power, but he was also losing time and himself in the process. I remember thinking it was a version of one of his stories I had read in Smoke and Mirrors (which was an actual story) but it was a better version because it was less sexual. It also had something to do with dogs.

After the story was done I went outside to the wedding, which was a very small outside ceremony. I remember there were two people there that apparently had something to do with the wedding, although I don't think they were royal themselves. They had ridiculous white suits with literal vines and flowers growing all around them. I remember containing my laughter because of how ridiculous they looked. Then, the couple was doing vows (I think) and the wife said "I don't want anything but you" and I thought "and all your riches!" and started laughing so hard because of that and the vine-suited people I couldn't contain myself and had to run back inside. Then I woke up, and I hallucinated a top hat floating in the hallway.

No lyrics this time. I DO WHAT I WANT

Had a dream where they were selling 10 random Mountain Goats songs for $10, and there was a bonus track on there as well that I was excited to get. We bought it and were listening to it in a house that was apparently John Darnielle's, and mom was saying that she liked the Mountain Goats she knew better than the obscure songs on the album. The songs were John Darnielle's voice but were no Mountain Goats song I had ever heard, though I can't remember them.

Then John Darnielle's assistant appeared. He was a really weasel-looking guy with little glasses, and I remember I didn't really like him all that much.

I remember I was trying to catch a glance at John Darnielle, and at one point he poked his head out of one of the rooms and I waved at him, but he left before I could say anything. A couple times I mistook the assistant for John Darnielle (somehow? they looked nothing alike) and was really embarrassed by it.

Then I sat down next to the assistant and told him that I pitied him, and he asked "troll-pity or actual pity?" and I hesitated because I wasn't sure of the difference between the two. He meant the trolls from Homestuck. He thought this meant I meant Troll-Pity and he said that if I were a troll I'd be one of the first ones to an asylum (even though... none of the trolls have ever been to an asylum?), and I told him "no I wouldn't, I'd be Troll President".

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